Photo credit: Sabrina Didschuneit


#checkpointeurope #bordersarestoppingus

// May 26th, 1:00 pm //

Düsseldorf town hall (Marktplatz 2)

We have a problem as a whole Europefiction group. Some of our members in the Europefiction groups in
Germany don´t have a secure residence status because they had to flee from their home countries. They
are our friends and an important part of our project and aren´t allowed to travel through Europe, so they
can´t participate like we do.

Europe always claims that young people have to integrate, especially in cultural projects like ours. But if
they try, they are inhibited by law. We are an open-minded community with a European spirit and it´s
inacceptable that our friends have to turn around at the borders, while we have the privilege to meet each other and connect through art.

We claim, that there has to be the possibillity for all the participants in cultural projects, to travel around countries. A possibillity, that has already been granted for schooltravels.

With #checkpointeurope we are going to show our anger in public! On the day of the european election, we will be gathering in front of the town halls in Rotterdam, Bologna, Paris, Liverpool and Düsseldorf (Germany). In our performance, we will make visible, that the #bordersarestopping us