europefiction consists of two annual cycles.

europefiction started in June 2018 and will end in November 2020.

5 theatres in the Ruhr area enter into 5 bilateral collaborations with 5 theatres from other European countries.

the summercamp 2019 took place at the consol theater, gelsenkirchen

the summercamp 2021 takes place at KJT Dortmund

If you want to become a part of europefiction, please contact the groupleaders from your city.


Junges Schauspielhaus | BochumTheater Rotterdam
Consol Theater | Gelsenkirchen 
Theater Kohlenpott | Herne – La Baracca | Bologna
Helios Theater | HammKolibri Theater |  Budapest 
Kinder- und Jugendtheater | Dortmund - La Transplainsphère | Paris