Photo credit: Sabrina Didschuneit

Dortmund | Paris

KJT | Dortmund is a theatre for youth and children. Founded in 1953, it is an autonomous part of the Theatre Dortmund, which is the municipal theatre of the city of Dortmund.

The KJT Dortmund works with an ensemble of 8 actors, 5 technicians, 2 dramaturges and 2 theatre pedagogues headed by an art director. Each season 7 or 8 new plays are created, most of which take place at its permanent location and some that visit for instance schools or public spaces. Each season an audience of approximately 35.000 spectators are served.
Beside its work with professional actors there is a tradition in participatory projects with young people. Since 2009 the KJT Dortmund is part of the annual „pottfiction“ project.
KJT works with refugees since 2015 through participative projects.
The KJT has participated on several international youth meetings with partners from France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden.

Transplanisphère | Paris is a company based in Paris - Le Raincy (France). It develops a project questioning society through performing arts. The company lead or contribute to international projects supported by the European Commission: see Polart Circle, Grow from Seeds, Trust for example. Most of the projects involve youth groups. The company also produces performances as Acts from the Desert or One land many faces. Transplanisphère is in residency at Albert Schweitzer high school to develop a sas (science-art-society) project for 2 years, linked to EuropeFiction. The residency is supported by French Ministry of Culture and Paris Ile-de-France Region.


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