Gelsenkirchen | Liverpool

The Consol Theater| Gelsenkirchen is a lively cultural venue with a great responsibility for cultural education and social interaction among various people of all ages.

The often award-winning professional productions of the Consol Theatre deal specifically with the realities of life of the young audience. The pieces also go on tour in Germany and abroad.
The central idea of the „Volxbühne“ at the Consol Theater is not only to realize artistic projects for citizens of Gelsenkirchen but also with them. More than 120 amateurs aged 6 to 92 always work with professional directors, theatre teachers and musicians on various courses and projects.


20 Stories High | Liverpool make theatre with young people from excluded communities, emerging and world-class artists to tell stories that are…

gritty, jumping, melodic, rebellious, contemporary, mashed-up, authentic, original, visual, challenging, lyrical, tender, anarchic, diverse, surprising, booming, political, funny, collaborative and heart-felt

We bring young people into theatre venues and go out into their communities.

We hail from Liverpool, but our reach is international. 

We believe everybody’s got a story to tell...and their own way of telling it...



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