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Hamm | Budapest


HELIOS Theater Hamm is an independent theatre with a children's theatre house in Hamm, where the ensemble creates performances and presents its repertoire. Directed by Barbara Kölling, it works on topics, dramatizes narrations and explores materials. The theatre pedagogues of HELIOS Theater develop theatre performances with three children's and youth ensembles.

HELIOS Theater is often invited to important theatre festivals in Germany and abroad. Biennially, it organizes the international theatre festival “hellwach” for young audiences in the Hellweg region.


Founded in 1992 by Executive and Artistic Director, composer and theatre director János Novák, Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth Budapest is the only professional children’s and youth theatre in Hungary which has its own company and performs for children as young as 0 and up to 18 years of age. Kolibri’s extensive and manifold repertory of 33 play ranges from adaptations of classic, Hungarian and world literature, through contemporary Hungarian and international authors’ plays, to performances, puppet shows, fairy tale plays, operas and physical theatre for young children and adolescents.

We presented for the first time in Hungary theatrical plays for the youngest audience; from all the bricks-and-mortar theatres, we were the first to create a separate position in theatre education within the institution. Our aim is to make the youngest audience, their parents, grandparents and teachers feel that every viewer is taken seriously. We strengthen the self knowledge and the mutual understanding in the audience – promoting tolerance and respect for others – in an entertaining and thought-provoking way.


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