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Herne | Bologna


Since the 2006/2007 season, the theaterkohlenpott Herne has been a theatre for young audiences and is directed by Frank Hörner and dramaturg Gabriele Kloke. It works together with musicians, authors, Choreografers and dancers, as well as fine artists , who group together in different projects and productions.

The theaterkohlenpott has gained national importance with its productions, which are regularly invited to festivals and tours abroad and are also awarded prizes.

The focus is on the development of plays, works by modern authors, participation of local young people, work with refugees and cooperation with other institutions and theatres.

Founded in 1976, La Baracca has been working in the field of performing arts for children and young people. It is acknowledged by the Italian Government since 1979 and by Emilia Romagna Region since 1982.

Since their first project “A place for kids”, started in 1980, La Baracca has strengthened its relationship with the territory. Since 1982, Bologna City Council assigned a San Leonardo Theatre to the company, through an agreement with the aim of creating a “European centre of theatre and arts for children and young people”. It was the first agreement in Italy between a public body and a theatre company for children and young people.

Since 1995, La Baracca continues developing its activities for children and young people at Testoni Ragazzi Theatre. The company’s productions are centered on actor’s theatre and on original dramatic work. Along with the production and the touring of shows, La Baracca - Testoni Ragazzi organises theatrical workshops and carries out a research work.

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