The Project

europefiction considers it the duty of the younger generation to develop new, sustainable concepts and to actively introduce them into society.

europefiction strives to question existing models and to view democracy and social justice as something that is yet to be achieved.

europefiction regards solidarity as something that takes place among all humans, rather than just within nations.

europefiction inquires into the advantages and chances of a globalised world and asks in what way they can be harnessed.

europefiction wishes to develop visions, rather than clinging to the status quo.

No other continent on Earth has cultivated such a wealth of diverse cultures in a small space as Europe. Europe stands for cultural diversity, which unites rather than excluding, which manifests in all areas of life and all arts. europefiction wishes to support and nurture that diversity and the dialogue resulting therefrom, which transcends borders.

europefiction consists of two annual cycles.

europefiction starts in June 2018 and ends in November 2020.

5 theatres in the Ruhr area enter into 5 bilateral collaborations with 5 theatres from other European countries.


Junges Schauspielhaus | Bochum – Theater Schouwburg | Rotterdam

Consol Theater | Gelsenkirchen – Theater Hullabaloo | Darlington

Theater Kohlenpott | Herne – Nuovo Teatro Sanità | Naples

Helios Theater | Hamm –Kolibri Theater |  Budapest 

Kinder- und Jugendtheater | Dortmund - La Transplainsphère | Paris  


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