Annual Works

Each of the ten participating theaters works with a group of 12-15 teenagers or young adults in regular rehearsals throughout the year. The overriding theme of ENCOUNTER is dealt with in a different artistic medium and with a different content-related question in each annual cycle. The sub-topics on which the ten theaters work are discussed and formulated for each year together with the participants.
For impulses on the respective topics and art forms, the theaters in their cities and in the Ruhr area join forces with institutions and individual artists. The open space in Bochum or the Academy for Theater and Digitality in Dortmund are exemplary institutions with which we would like to work in relation to connections between digital media and theatre.
The groups are in constant contact with each other throughout the year. To do this, they use the possibilities of digital communication. The groups take inspiration from the camps and workshop weekends (see below) for their annual work.
All annual work is presented at the summer camp and discussed in follow-up discussions with the other groups. It's not about a competition, but about getting to know the artistic approach of each group and about the exchange about the means used and the respective topic.