09. July – 16. July 2022 at Consol Theater

Finally get together again and work artistically. This year’s Europefiction Camp at the Consol Theater in Gelsenkirchen invites you to a transnational encounter organized by ten partner theaters from the Ruhr area, Rotterdam, St. Vith, Paris, Budapest and Evora. 120 young people work together artistically and develop new aesthetic forms for the camp motto: Urban Art – The Art of Encountering.

The highlight and center of each year is the large EUROPEFICTION summer camp, where all participants meet. The summer camps will take place in Gelsenkirchen in 2022, in Dortmund in 2023 and in Herne in 2024 and will be conceptually prepared and organized by the local theaters. The camps extend over two weekends and the week in between, so a total of nine days.

They form the end of the project year and – in 2022 – at the same time the start of the new project year with the new topic. With a variety of program items, the camps are aimed at the participants in the overall project, at outsiders and those who are newly interested.

At the camps, the ten groups show what they have worked on together over the year. In addition, workshops are held on the various working methods, in which the young people work together in new constellations. External artists are invited to the workshops, who provide impulses and impart basic skills for the artistic area and the issues of the respective camp.

In addition to the participating young people, the summer camps are also aimed at the residents of the Ruhr area, the neighbors of the respective camp and the audience who are already inclined. On individual evenings during the week and especially on the second weekend, the EUROPEFICTION Camp has an open festival character: with public events such as the presentations of the theater performances and insights into the workshop work as well as a supporting program of concerts, open spaces to try out for yourself, discussions with external visitors are addressed with the participating international artists, snippet disco and party.

Annual projects

One year, ten theatres in sixcountries, ten groups of 15 young people aged between 16 and 23, who work artistically within an annual theme. Five international Tandems share the same subtopics, developing an artistic vision of a better future. The groups meet once a week at the theatre in their city. The international partners communicate and work together in the digital space. Artistic works are created, which will be presented at the Summer Camp. Read more

Bilateral Meetings

Starting in 2023, the groups from the Ruhr area visit their European counterparts for five days in their partner cities. They exchange their experiences and learn how the partner is working artistically and see the home and background of the other group.

Summer Camps

In summer the groups from the European partner theatres will come to the Ruhr area to live in europefictions summer camp, a future lab, where everyone meets up. Thinking outside the box is the fundamental principle. Artists tutor the young people in different forms of art, as diverse as performance, video, dance, music, urban interventions, and digital formats. Even more guestexperts are invited and provide input to exciting new themes.