summercamp 2024


The Europefiction Camp 2024 in Herne will take place on the grounds in front of and in the Flottmann Halls. Pottfiction Camps were already successfully held here in 2010 and 2016. The camps have been characterized by the fact that they deal with a focus on a practical and theoretical level. In 2024 this should be an intensive engagement with the contemporary circus.
As early as 2020/2021 (premier July 2nd, 2021) the theaterkohlenpott Herne cooperated with URBANATIX Bochum and the State Ballet School and School for Artistry Berlin as part of the “take action” funding program of the Berlin Performing Arts Fund. The result was the production “trial & error”, where artistry meets urban dance and combines with music and acting. The directors were Frank Hörner and Christian Eggert, director and inventor of urbanatix, who will also share their experiences of the intersections of modern circus, dance and theater in the camp.
URBANATIX and its training location, the “open space” in Bochum, as well as lecturers and artists from URBANATIX and the Berlin State Ballet School and School for Artistry will accompany the camp in terms of content and implementation as cooperation partners. (Artists such as Remy Martin, Sabeth Dannenberg etc. are available for workshops)
The theaterkohlenpott is located in the Flottmann-Hallen. Modern circus has been a regular part of the program there for many years. The theater rooms and the outdoor area are therefore well prepared for a camp with this focus. The technicians are familiar with new/contemporary circus.
The modern circus offers a variety of expressions that will be new and exciting for the young participants. A cultural technique that has so far (especially in Germany) been treated as an irrelevant brother of the “real” arts of dance and theater. For a rethinking at this point, this camp would be another important step.