Theater Rotterdam

Why are you taking part in europefiction?
Because it’s inspiring to hear what our generation in Europe has to say about the world. To exchange experiences while making theatre and to meet new people with the same passion.

What kind of Europe would you like to live in?
We would like to live in a Europe without borders. Without differences between humans, man, woman, children, black, white, where everybody is treated the same way.A Europe where we can feel completely human. Where we are just kind for each other.

Which topic are you working on? Why is this an important concern to Europe?
We are working on the topic protection. We live in a continent where 100 different cultures come and go. Protection makes sure that everybody can express themselves. It’s important because in Europe there is still too much discrimination, we must protect each other for this. A protected environment gives us space and freedom to explore ourselves, to be more human.

We are Theater Rotterdam. We make theatre, present theatre and train the new generation theatre makers. Our houses are based in Rotterdam, but our productions are also presented in the Netherlands and throughout Eu.