Kolibri Theatre

Founded in 1992 by Executive and Artistic Director, composer and theatre director János Novák, Kolibri Theatre for Children and Youth is the only professional children’s and youth theatre in Hungary which has its own company and performs for children as young as 0 and up to 18 years of age. Kolibri’s extensive and manifold repertory of 33 plays ranges from adaptations of classic, Hungarian and world literature, through contemporary Hungarian and international authors’ plays, to performances, puppet shows, fairy tale plays, operas and physical theatre for young children and adolescents. Owing to János Novák’s inventive initiations, Kolibri is a pioneer in establishing new genres in Hungarian children’s and youth theatre by introducing live music on stage, theatre for babies and toddlers, classroom theatre, youth plays, operas, and new adaptations of novels for screenplay and stage. Our aim is to make the youngest audience, their parents, grandparents and teachers feel that every viewer is taken seriously. We strengthen the self-knowledge and the mutual understanding in the audience – promoting tolerance and respect for others – in an entertaining and thought-provoking way. The pioneer activity of the Kolibri Theatre enabled other theatres to extend their repertoire from the ages 6-12, to ages 0-18 nationwide. Based on the results of a recent research in theatre education, the Kolibri is ranked as the biggest theatre pedagogical workshop in Hungary. It also reaches the largest group of young people in the country. Our international co-operations also contributed greatly to the enrichment of our repertoire of plays for the very young and youth theatre. Both of our international projects are still going on: Small Size – Performing Arts for the Early Years (for the smallest) and PLATFORM Shift+ (for the youth audience) will ensure intellectual and financial support in the future.