ExQuorum, founded in Évora, is dedicated to artistic and cultural creation/production, especially in the area of performing arts, also intending to welcome other artists with tangent concerns. It has stimulated dialogue with different areas and various actors (participants and institutions) in transversal work programs (creation, production, event programming, research, social intervention). Since 2007, it has invested, in symbiosis, and regularly, in approaches to inclusion and social intervention, through artistic practices, in projects that relate local and international intervention.

It has developed several inclusion and intervention projects in the community – both in partnership with social and artistic entities, municipalities and parishes, at a local level, in Alentejo; and in the promotion of various European projects, since 2009, with a strong focus on social issues (allied to the economy, science, education, issues such as geopolitics, migration and refugees, financial crises, among others), in France, Germany, Sweden , Italy, Spain, Cape Verde, Wales, Croatia, Greece, in addition to, of course, Portugal, centered on the area of Évora. He produces the artistic projects “Pi – Research Project” and “coisasdocorpo”. It has also invested in various transversal work programs (creation, programming, research, residencies).