unity in diversity

How can we occupy the public places for participatory theatre? How to appropriate the space while leaving space for others, how to co-construct, enrich, adapt to the space and to the audience… What modern agora can we provoke through a youth group experience confronted with a city community?
The public square as a staple of every major and minor town in Europe for centuries was the centre of public attention and the space in which economic and political will was articulated and shared. Since Covid 19, the public square has become a space of risk, of distancing rules, a transit space rather than one in which to stay and relax or attend a demonstration. We will explore different techniques ranging from scenic interventions and immersive theatre to digitally linking public squares in different European cities and the concept of performers as „public avatars“ on a mission to create a new kind of „public square“, a social fiction from which to shape democratic decision making and in conclusion our understanding of our European society.
Methodology for art creations for youth groups in public areas. How to trigger public participation and interaction, how to share the “stage” with the audience, how to use public participation as a component of the art proposal?
One of our motto’s is our search to become a many-voiced theatre. We will explore movement and choreography in that IO, inspired by hip hop crew philosophy when ‘each one teaches one’ : you come together to jam, to act and to react in movement and sound.
These principles are leading to create an open stage. An outdoor “theatre” in which you can become a part of the crew and take the stage. As an example topic, we will question democracy and citizens participation in decision making.

Designing partners: Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum, Theater Rotterdam

Testing Partner: KJT Dortmund