All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. This is the first sentence in the Declaration of Human Rights. Here there is no differentiation according to gender. This sentence applies to all human beings. But the reality is different. Women, queer and trans people are still exposed to discrimination and persecution. Who am I? Is there a clear answer to this question? And if not? Can a society be free that interferes with and sanctions a person’s most personal, intimate decision? What images of masculinity and femininity do we carry within us and reproduce?
The two methodological approaches we offer here are first steps to playfully question our own ideas. A coming of age story as a road trip that the players follow step by step.

Two methodological approaches for a first introduction to gender issues with young people.

  1. questionnaire for mutual interview
  2. escape game on gender

Target group:
Adolescents and young adults 14 years and older. The methods can be used with a diverse group without prerequisites. No prior knowledge necessary.

Necessary materials:
● paper, pens, instructions for the Escape game, envelopes

Made by:
● Laura Zielinski, KJT Dortmund
● Laron Janus, Theater Kohlenpott Herne
● Balázs Öszi, Theater Kolibri Budapest

KJT Dortmund, kjt@theaterdo.de, Sckellstr. 5-7, 44141 Dortmund Germany