On gender #gender

What is the impact of gender-sensitive language in the German and Hungarian language (and in other languages)? What is the performative structure of gender? What is the history of
gender, the different codes at different times? What is the benefit for the system in case of just two normative genders? What is the impact of social media on the awareness of gender
and the coming out of celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lachlan Watson? Differentiation of social, biological and personal gender identity. What are the colours of different gender
In times of Covid19, how can we explore those stakes using digital means? What methodology may conduct an artistic work-process based on different levels of performing gender in
virtual versus real spaces? How does the virtual body differ from the real body? Does it open new possibilities of performing gender not to be physically present and can you translate
these possibilities into the physical space? And in turn, when you move through the real outside world, how do you experience this space from different individual gender perspectives?
Gender will be taken as a topic to illustrate how the methodology may create a space for a creative youth workgroup. But for the potential end-up users, the methodology will be
described in order to be available to explore any key topic.

Designing partners: KJT Dortmund, theaterkohlenpott Herne

Testing partner: Kolibri Theater Budapest