Theater Kohlenpott

Why are you taking part in europefiction?
europefiction creates an opportunity for us to connect with young people from all over Europe. In europefiction we are free to work in a creative way with topics, which are important to us, while at the same time experiencing theatre, art and culture.

What kind of Europe would you like to live in?
We want to live in a Europe, in which not only geographical borders don’t exist but also mental ones. Equality is key in every aspect.

Which topic are you working on? Why is this an important concern to Europe?
Our topic is diversity. In reality, in everyday situations, we are often faced with differences between people but not with the concept diversity. Diversity is not the reality, it is the goal!

Since the 2006/2007 season, the theaterkohlenpott Herne has been a theatre for young audiences and is directed by Frank Hörner and dramaturg Gabriele Kloke. It works together with musicians, authors, Choreografers and dancers, as well as fine artists, who group together in different projects and productions.