Why are you taking part in europefiction?

I guess I’ve always liked doing drama, so when I moved to Dortmund I stumbled across this project. The aspect of acting with different personalities from different cultures really interested me as well as drama. Especially as we try to find out within the project how we want our future to be.

What kind of Europe would you like to live in?

I would like to live in an Europe, where everyone has the possibility to speak their minds and opinions freely. I would also like to live in an Europe where we give more to those in need and where we act more generous towards others.

Which topic are you working on? Why is this an important concern to Europe?

The topic we’re working on is reason.

KJT Dortmund is a theatre for youth and children. Founded in 1953, it is an autonomous part of the Theatre Dortmund, which is the municipal theatre of the city of Dortmund.