For many years, Europe has been facing an unprecedented migratory crisis: economic migrants, political, climatic or war refugees. The cultural landscape has been transformed and it appears that it is not always easy to engage in intercultural dialogue by raising this sensitive issue in today’s Europe.
We wish to offer young people, not only in Europe but also beyond our borders, young citizens of the world, a playful and attractive way to meet and exchange around this issue. How do we live this migratory crisis from home? How can we change our perception of this phenomenon?
By proposing this online workshop, we invite young people who would otherwise find it difficult to meet to debate, but also to exercise their empathy during a collaborative role play. They will imagine a world, together, whose contours and rules they will have to draw. They will then be confronted with the difficulties of managing human beings and will become aware of certain complexities that would not have appeared to them at first sight, whether they are a host country or a person claiming asylum.

Target group:
● youngsters from 15 to 30 years

What you need:
● a good internet connection
● a Whatsapp group
● a zoom session with several breakout rooms
● ask to have with them sheets of paper (or newspaper), markers, maybe adhesive tape
● music playlist

Workshop design
● Ana-Sophia ZIMNIAK (Helios Theater, Hamm, Germany)
● Shabana SAYA (Helios Theater, Hamm, Germany)
● Noémie BESACE (La Transplanisphère, Paris, France)
● Hugo COELHO (Ex Quorum, Evora, Portugal)