How to create in the public space? Creating artistic performances in public spaces is crucial for promoting cultural expression and community engagement, and enhancing the vitality of public spaces. Encouraging young people to participate in public art projects can give them a platform to showcase their creativity and develop their artistic skills, fostering their sense of belonging and self-worth. In a familiar space, it can help the youngsters and the public to (re)discover something that became usual, and restore the desire to discover.
Artistic performances in public spaces can also promote social cohesion by bringing people together from different backgrounds to celebrate diversity and share experiences. By helping youngsters achieve artistic performances in the public space, we can create a more vibrant and inclusive society where creativity and self-expression are valued and celebrated. That is the reason why we developed the Site Specific method.

Target group:
● Every person working with youngsters from 15 to 30 yo

What you need:
● A public and accessible space
● Researches about the place
● Paper & pens
● Padlet
● Smartphones
● Google Drive

Workshop design:
● Noémie BESACE (La Transplanisphère, Paris, France)
● Coline LECHAT (La Transplanisphère, Paris, France)
● Attila Eck (Kolibri Theater, Budapest, Hungary)
● Balázs Szolnoki (Kolibri Theater, Budapest, Hungary)
● Paula Guerrero-Vas (Kolibri Theater, Budapest, Hungary)
● Dominik Cseppely (Kolibri Theater, Budapest, Hungary)
● Lilli Gerhke (Theaterkohlenpott, Herne, Germany)