We can be present in different worlds at the same time. While our physical bodies are in one place, our virtual bodies can be connected to others. We are used to time and place shifts and are able to be present in all different kinds of spaces.
What does this mean for the human body in the era of the Anthropocene? Can we find a new consciousness of physicality and collectivity? When it’s no longer possible to meet each other, does this virtual world replace the real one? Which new artistic practices does this trigger?
When we look into the future and look back at our past few years, we question how we can work on a distance in times of crises. In times when we can’t be together because travelling isn’t possible whether due to another pandemic, to financial reasons or just because we don’t want to travel due to the climate crisis. What can we learn from our experiences in the past years during the pandemic? What works and what doesn’t? What tools, inspiration and successful methodologies can we share?

Target group:
● Youthworkers
● School classes
● Groups with youngsters from 12-25

Partners involved:
● Theater Rotterdam
● Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen
● Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum

Artist Educators, Content and Development
● Nelly Köster, Max Falck, Sandra Sánchez Herrero, Pleun Peters, Georg Kentrup, Cathrin Rose & Marlou Stolk