Being everywhere #covid

We can be present in different worlds at the same time. When we have a walk in the park we use the time to have a phone call with a friend; and while our physical bodies are in the
park, our virtual bodies are connected to the one on the other end of the line. We are used to these time and place shifts and to be able to be present in all different kinds of spaces.
What does this mean for the human body in this era of the Anthropocene? Can we find a new physicality?
In times of covid when it’s no longer possible to meet each other, how does this virtual world replace the real one? which new practices it triggers?
This methodology is part of a series of 3 IO (IO1, 2, 3) that proposes to explore new forms of online artistic workshops associating different digital tools and how they can be combined
when working with youth groups.
The Covid19 crisis will be taken as a topic to illustrate how the methodology may create a space for a creative youth workgroup. But for the potential end-up users, the methodology
will be described in order to be available to explore any key topic.

Designing partners: Theater Rotterdam, Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen

Testing partner: Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum